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Everybody is concerned about their health and hence they get themselves enrolled for Medicare, either Part A or Part B. However, when getting the coverage under Medicare there is certain cost that has to be bear by you. They are the deductibles, co-pays and others. Thus, to save individuals from spending the extra money the supplement plans were introduces which covers the gaps between the original expenses and the amount received from Medicare. There are ten plans and the most prominent are the Medigap Plan G 2018 and Plan F.

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Medigap Plan G 2016Medigap Plan G is more or less similar to Medigap Plan F, with the only difference that although Plan F covers the deductible under Medicare Part B, a patient enrolled with Medigap Plan G need to pay this deductible. Thus, for this difference, the Plan G premiums are more affordable when compared to the premium of the Plan F premiums. Just like any other Medigap Plan, this Plan G is also designed so that you can get the extra amount that is being paid by you.

Different benefits covered by Plan G

With this supplement plan you can find that almost all the gaps by Medicare part A and Part B are covered. The basic coverage offered by this Plan is

  • You get paid for the part b coinsurance that incurs for medical expenses
  • Even the Part A coinsurance for hospitalization is also paid along with an additional coverage of 365 days after the end of the Medicare benefits.
  • Get the co-payments paid for outpatient services
  • Also get payment for three pints of blood consumed annually

These are the basic benefits that you would get with Plan G of Medigap. However there are some more additional benefits too. That includes:

  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • 100% of Part B excess charges that cover the cost of Doctor Fees that exceeds the amount approved by Medicare
  • You would get emergency Medical care overseas according to the limits of the Plan.
  • Coinsurance expenses for skilled nursing facility coinsurance. It covers the cost that an individual must pay for the 21st to the 100th

Benefits that are not included

There are certain benefits available in other plans but not included in Plan G. They are

  • Medicare Part B Deductible

Why choose Medigap G then?

A common question that would come to mind is that if everything is not covered then why an individual would choose this plan? The simple answer to this question is that Plan G is much cheaper than Plan F if you calculate the monthly premiums.

In many areas the premium for Medigap Plan G is about $20 to $25 less per month and that amounts to about $240 to $300 per year. The deductible of Medicare part B that is not covered by Plan G averages only around $183. Therefore even after you pay the deductible out of pocket you’re saving money by going with Plan G!

The only way to be sure is to compare the rates of both plans to see how much you can save. Use our FREE rate comparison tool to see how much you can save on Medigap Plan G in 2018.


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