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If you’re turning 65 it’s time to get enrolled in Medicare Part A and B. Unfortunately everything is not covered under Medicare so Medigap Plans were created to fill the “gaps”, or expenses to help you pay your bills. This is extra health insurance that you purchase from private companies for paying those uncovered expenses of Medicare, like deductibles, co-payments, and emergency healthcare during your stay outside U.S.

Medigap Plans in 2018 themselves are not changing in benefits, however there are some important facts you need to know before purchasing one.


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Who can enroll?

For enrolling in any Medigap Plan, you need to have Medicare Part A or Part B. You may then choose between 10 plans to help cover items that would normally need to be paid out of pocket.

For enrolling in the Medigap Plans 2018, you should be having certificates regarding the health condition. You would get different companies with different rates for the plans but the benefits rendered would more or less be the same. The coverage under each plan would be same for the plans offered by different private companies.

As an insured you have to pay monthly premium for the plan and the insurer cannot cancel any plan other than non-payment of the premium amount.

Benefits of Medigap Plans in 2016- Are there any changes?

With every New Year, the private insurance companies change the rates with which they cover each individual against each plans. In Medigap Plans 2018, although there are changes in the rates yet there are not many changes in the benefits that can be availed by you. Let’s find out if there are any changes with the most common plans that are F, G, and N.

In the Medigap Plan F, you would get most of the expenses covered than any other plan. All your co-payments and deductibles would be taken care by this and you would be covered up to 100 days in any skilled nursing facility. You would also get all the excess charges of Part B and 80% of emergency medical expenses that may incur while your travel outside United States.

Medigap Plans 2016

Medigap Plan G

Presently, the rising plan that is becoming popular day by day is Medigap Plan G. With just a small difference it’s almost identical to Medigap Plan F. On Plan G you must simply pay a $183 annual deductible. That’s it. After you meet this amount Plan G pays 100% of the gaps just like Plan F.

For even less coverage and less premium you have the option to choose Plan N. Plan N also has the $183 deductible to meet, after which you might have some co-pays or Part B excess charges. Plan N is great for people who are healthy but still want good coverage.

The best way to choose one of the Medigap Plans in 2018 is to compare rates and benefits of the plans together. Using our free quote engine this will allow you to easily do this online in just a minute or two.

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